A Fun Excursion in Cabo, Mexico

I spent my Thanksgiving on a work trip in Cabo, Mexico.  I love going to beach destinations, not only to relax and rejuvenate by the pool/beach, but to have the opportunity to do a boat excursion to explore and spend some time on the water.  I feel so free on the water!  I like to get there as much as I can.

We stayed at the JW Marriott and booked our boat excursion through them using a company called Rancho Tours.  They came to pick us up from our hotel, which is about a 40 minute drive from downtown Cabo, and off we went to start our day at the marina.

We got lucky, we had a pontoon boat to ourselves for the day, with a captain of course!  We first went for a ride around the famous arch.


We then stopped for a snorkel at Pelican Rock.  There were a lot of fish in the area, especially since most people were feeding them!  Seeing the pelicans perched on the rocks was an added bonus.  Sea lions were also resting on the rocks.  We had a good laugh watching a  sea lion try to get on a moving boat!





After our snorkel, we stopped at Lover/Divorce Beach for a stroll.  Snapped some shots before heading back to the marina.  It’s cool, the Lover’s Beach side faces the Sea of Cortez and the Divorce’s Beach side looks out to the Pacific Ocean.


There were different times to head back to the hotel if you wanted to stay and browse the shops and or eat at one of the many restaurants downtown.  We opted to try lunch out at a festive joint called The Office.  Had fun there!  I would recommend it if you are in the mood for Mexican food on the beach mixed with Mariachi entertainment!

It was a different, but great way to spend Black Friday!


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