Playing Keeper for Half Day at Moonlit Sanctuary in Mornington, Australia

My husband and I spent our first Christmas together in Melbourne this year.  It was special, not only because it was our first Christmas physically together in the same place, but we also happened to be in a bucket list country of ours, Australia!  I couldn’t leave Australia without spending some time with Koalas and Kangaroos, so we decided to be keeper for half the day at Moonlit Sanctuary.  They opened at 8:30am to give us a private tour before they opened to the public at 10:00am.  It was awesome and peaceful having the place to ourselves for a bit.

Some of the highlights of our time here were:

Our day consisted of gathering food for the animals in a wheel barrow and then making our rounds to feed them.  It was love at first sight feeding these precious little Joeys!


Saying good bye also melted my heart!

The Koalas looked so peaceful.  Sleeping mostly and nibbling on their Eucalyptus.  I didn’t realize how much they smelled of Eucalyptus when I got close to one!



We also got to see and feed a number of Australian bird species. For some, we threw worms up in the air and they flew to catch them.

These Orange-Bellied Parrots were the most approachable.  They flew right down to us when they laid eyes on their meal.


We discovered Emus are messy eaters!  To be honest, they scare me a bit!


We walked a couple of dingoes (wild dogs).  My right wrist was sore from my feisty Dingo, Blaze, who wanted to stick her nose in everything not on our path!  Note to self, next time rotate your hands for the walking!

We got to see some interesting looking birds as well!  These are called Bush-Stone Curlews.

We held our hand out with some corn kernels to feed the kangaroos.  They weren’t too hungry, since many people feed them when they come here for a visit.  I was captivated just watching them!  I could have hung out here for hours.



I also got to feed a Wallaby, which is part of the kangaroo clan.

I would recommend this tour.  We definitely don’t regret our decision to come here.  We had a great experience seeing the animals we came here for and getting to know some of the other Australian wildlife.  Next time we visit Australia, we will venture out more to see the beautiful coastline!  But for this trip, the animals were a must for us.


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